• Beer 3 – Bottle, Condition, Consume

    October 10, 2010

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    So, the corrected starting gravity of this beer was 1.0515 and the final gravity is, well I don’t know. I started bottling and was about half way through my bottling bucket when I decided to get off the floor and check my terminal gravity, unfortunately I had bottled more than planned and my hydrometer rested on the bottom of the bucket. Estimates on % alcohol content are in the 4-7 range, my personal guess being in the 6 vicinity.

    Once bottled it took its sweet time carbonating – at the 2 week mark only a light sparkle was detectable, it took almost a full month to get to full carbonation. After a month of waiting, when we started drinking this batch regularly it matured slowly but very gracefully. Early bottles had strong Belgian yeast tones with an orange floral aroma while in later bottles, the smooth sweet orange flavor overcame the yeast.

    When I make this recipe again I may use a different yeast to speed things up a bit and use more of the earthier flavors, angelica root and other spices yet to be determined.

    Jackie is making the next batch, currently searching for an IPA receipt, watch here for her progress.

    Cape Ann Brewing just around the corner,


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