• Beer 3 – Recipe modifaction/shopping

    March 20, 2010

    Posted in: Prep

    Went to the home brew shop today, swapped out some of the hops, and made a few minor substitutions in the grain, gonna start cleaning tonight and brew tomorrow.

    Wonky Wit

    This is my first attempt to design a beer… wish me luck.

    Brewer: Stacey R Email: sunsetslave@gmail.com
    URL: http://brew.misocat.org
    Beer: Wonky Wit Style: Belgian White (Wit)
    Type: Extract w/grain Size: 5 gallons
    7 HCU (~6 SRM)
    Bitterness: 13 IBU
    OG: 1.061 FG: 1.010
    Alcohol: 6.6% v/v (5.2% w/w)
    Grain: 1.25 lb. Belgian 2 row, cracked

    1.25 lb. White Wheat, cracked

    1.25 lb. Flaked wheat

    Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.122 2.5 gallons
    1 lb. Light dry malt extract

    2 lb. Honey

    3.3 lb. Light malt extract

    Hops: .5 oz. Citra (11.1% AA, 60 min.)

    .75 oz. Bitter orange peel (60 min.)

    .24 oz. Amarillo (8.7% AA, 15 min.)

    .25 oz. Bitter orange peel (5 min.)

    1 oz. Sweet orange peel (5 min.)

    1 oz. Coriander (5 min.)

    .75 oz. Angelica root (5 min.)

    .75 oz. Lemon balm (5 min.)

    Yeast: liquid Belgian Wit yeast

    White Labs WLP400

    Carbonation: prime with 5oz sugar.

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