• Cape Ann Brewing: A Happy Visit

    March 28, 2011

    Posted in: News, Reviews and other nonsense

    Bavarian Wheat: strong banana aroma, very smooth.

    Fishermans Brew: Rich smooth… ooops I started another beer and forgot.

    Fresh Hop IPA (Jackie): Really tasty. Citrus aroma; strong, clean hop flavor. Thinking about taking home a growler of this one.

    Coffee infused pumpkin stout (Jackie): Smells like French roast coffee beans. Subtle squashy pumpkin flavor, strong coffee flavor. Three of my favorite things (pumpkin, beer, and coffee) all at once!

    Navigator (the both of us, split even: 75/75): Toasty winter ale. Not what I usually get very enjoyable. (Jackie) Smother that the same in a bottle, without the biscuity taste. I like it better this way(Stacey)

    Nachos: Thin crispy chips with mild corn avocado relish/salsa dipped in sour cream with cheese sprinkled on top. Awesome.

    All in all a good time. You should come here with us next time!

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