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    Beer 1 – Bottling

    February 24, 2009 // No Comments »

    Bottling day has arrived! So, I filled the bottling bucket with water and mixed in sanitizing solution and used the bottling wand and hose to fill the bottles with sanitizing solution. I boiled my 5 oz of priming sugar in 2 cups (1 Pint) of water for 5 min.. poured the still hot (a little worried about that) priming sugar in my now empty bottling bucket and used the Alton Brown inspired spigot to drain the fermenter into the bottling bucket. I let the first bit flow into a pint glass to check for excess sediment. Once that was done I sanitized my hydrometer and took a final gravity reading of 1.022 a bit high for the recipe but it should be OK.

    In the end I was able to fill:

    2 750 ml bottles

    3 20 oz Bottles

    and 32 12 oz bottles

    I tasted the beer at this point it is very different from the wort, it’s smooth and sweet it also has sort of an elixir flavor like Moxie.

    Onward to carbon nation,


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