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    March 10, 2013

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    Ok so a lot has happened sense I last posted. I made the sarsaparilla a few times over with mostly good results. Tried it with maltodextrin for mouthfeel, real vanilla, and a few other tweaks. All of that was in 5 gallon batches. As beer brewing keeps getting put off and 5 gallons of the same soda is a bit much I’m trying soda syrup. I’ll make a few cups or so of syrup and mix it with home carbonated water on a glass by glass basis. My first one is a lavender “lemon” soda. For the procedure I hobbled.together a few different things from around the internet.


    .05 pound each of:
    Lavender bosoms
    Coriander seed
    Lemon grass
    2 cups sugar
    2 cups water
    A pinch of salt

    Break up the coriander a little bit, not enough to powder it, just break open about 2/3s of the seeds.

    Put the water and sugar in a sauce pan and heat. Once the sugar is dissolved add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 15 minutes. Transfer everything to a French press. Pour the liquid into a heat safe jar, cap and refrigerate.


    Next time:
    Only simmer for 10 minutes – the last one came out pretty dark and has an annoying caramel flavor

    Reduce the lemongrass: it fills the pot so much I thought I wasn’t going to get more than a few drops out of the batch.

    Add an acid to balance the sweet.

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